how do gymnosperms and angiosperms differ from each other?

Asked by HARSHINI JOTHI | 8th Nov, 2010, 12:00: AM

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Gymnosperms bear naked seeds whereas angiosperms bear seeds within fruits or flowers.
Angiosperms are flowering whereas the gymnosperms are non-flowering plants. 
In evolution, gymnosperms are more primitive than angiosperms.

Gymnosperms were the first seed plants and they bear their ovules and seeds exposed. The ovules are on scales, which are arranged in the cone-like structures. They lack the folded, marginally-sealed carpels that characterize flowering plants. Angiosperms have ovules that are enclosed in a carpel.
In Gymnosperms, the pollen-receptive structures are the ovules, rather than the stigma portion of the carpels, as in angiosperms.

Most gymnosperms lack vessels in the xylem but possess tracheids. Angiosperms have both vessels and tracheids.


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