how do each of the following factors affect the productivity in the process of photosynthesis?

Asked by prgayathri | 28th Jan, 2009, 06:27: AM

Expert Answer:

i) Temperature - The dark reactions of photosynthesis are enzymatic and hence temperature controlled. Though the light reactions are also temperature sensitive, they are affected to a much lesser extent. The C4 plants respond to higher temperatures and show higher rate of photosynthesis while C3 plants have a much lower temperature optimum.

The temperature optimum for photosynthesis of different plants also depends on the habitat that they are adapted to. Tropical plants have a higher temperature optimum than the plants adapted to temperate climates.


ii) Water - The effect of water as a factor is more through its effect on the plant, rather than directly on photosynthesis. Water stress causes stomata to close hence reducing CO2 availability. Besides, water stress also makes leaves wilt, thus reducing the surface area of the leaves and their metabolic activity as well.


iii) CO2 -


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