How are water and minerals transported in plants? Pls give a detailed answer with a diagram.

Asked by  | 12th Aug, 2010, 10:38: PM

Expert Answer:

At the roots, cells in contact with the soil actively take up ions. This creates a difference in the concentration of these ions between the root and the soil. Hence water moves into the root from the soil to eliminate this difference. This leads to a steady movement of water into root xylem, creating a column of water that is steadily pushed upwards.
In addition, transpiration creates a suction which pulls water from the xylem cells of roots. Transpiration helps in the absorption and upward movement of water and minerals dissolved in it from roots to the leaves. The effect of root pressure in transport of water is more important at night. During the day when the  stomata are open, the transpiration pull becomes the major driving force in the movement of water in the xylem.

Answered by  | 14th Aug, 2010, 06:41: AM

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