find velocity and distance bet. A & B in the terms of alpha , beta & T ...

Asked by Yash Wankar | 9th Jun, 2013, 07:38: AM

Expert Answer:

max acceleration = ?
max retardation  = ?
let distance between A and B = S
total tome taken = T
let car accelarate at max acceleration for t1 sec covering s1 and decelerate for t2 sec covering s2
both at max magnitudes.
t1 + t2 = T
s1 + s2 = S
for first accelerating part,
max velocity attained will be at end of t1 time,
thus using first equation of motion, Vmax = v1 = ?.t1  (as initial velocity is zero)
and using second equation of motion, s1 = 1/2?.t12
and using third eqation of motion, v1 = (2?.s1)1/2
in second lap of journey while decelerating:
using first eq. of motion,
v1 = ?.t2 (as final velocity will now be zero)
thus ?.t1 = ?.t2
similarly using third eq. of motion,
v1 = (2?.s2)1/2
thus from earlier,
?.s2 = ?.s1
thus from these two S and v1 can be derived in terms of T

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