difference between lymph and blood?

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Expert Answer:

An important difference between the blood flowing in the circulatory system and the lymph flowing in the lymph system is that blood is pressurized by the heart, while the lymph system is passive. There is no "lymph pump" like there is a blood pump i.e. the heart. Instead, fluids ooze into the lymph system and get pushed by normal body and muscle motion to the lymph nodes.

Lymph does not possess RBCs, which are present in blood.

Lymph contains less plasma proteins than blood.

Lymph is colorless whereas blood is red in color.

Lymph flows in lymphatic capillaries whereas blood flows in blood vessels.

In lymph white blood cells are present in much more abundance than in blood

Lymph - Carries digested and absorbed fat from intestine.

Blood - Transports respiratory gases, nutrients, waste materials, hormones, enzymes etc.


Direction of flow

Lymph - Intercellular spaces --> Lymphatic capillaries --> Large lymph vessels --> larger veins

Blood - 2 directions i) Heart to lungs to heart (pulmonary circulation)

ii) Heart to rest of the body through blood vessels and back to heart.


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