Dear mam, pls help me out to do the following question:- Show graphically and analytically that the horizontal component of the velocity in a trajectory is always uniform while the vertical component is not uniform by taking two points P and Q during the upward and downward motion respectively(the distance of P and Q from X-axis should be equal).

Asked by  | 31st Jul, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Following is the diagrammatic way of representing the motion of projectile along with its velocity vectors in horizontal & vertical directions.
Clearly at positions P, Q and R, the horizontal component of velocity is the same. Thats because there is no component of gravitational force acting along the horizontal direction. Hence the horizontal velocity remains the same throughout the motion of the projectile.
On the other hand the vertical velcity decreases while on its way up from the origin to the highest point.
While on the way down the vertical velocity decreases. AT teh highest point the vertical velcity is zero. AT the origin & the final position, the vertical velocity is the same.
Hope that clarifies.

Answered by  | 26th Aug, 2011, 03:21: PM

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