Cricket ball weighing 200 gram Rises to a vertical  height of 26 m  and drops vertically into a fielders  hand when 1.5 m above the ground the fielder brings it to rest in 1 /10 seconds calculate the velocity of ball as it reaches the fielders hand b.the average force that must be applied in stopping it 

Asked by Samrat | 30th Jun, 2018, 09:33: PM

Expert Answer:

The ball falls from a height 26 m to the fielder hand at 1.5 m height.
Hence final velocity v is calculated using "v2 = u2+2×g×h ", with u =0
v = begin mathsize 12px style square root of 2 cross times g cross times h end root space equals space square root of 2 cross times 9.8 cross times 24.5 end root space equals space 21.9 space m divided by s end style
to get force, we need retardation a of the ball while the fielder stoping the ball,  begin mathsize 12px style a space equals space u over t space equals space fraction numerator 21.9 over denominator begin display style bevelled 1 over 10 end style end fraction space equals space 219 space m divided by s squared end style
force = mass × acceleration = 200×10-3 × 219 = 43.8 N

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 2nd Jul, 2018, 12:05: PM

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