Could u please solve this question.I got this from one sample paper.It is urgent Q: An Express train makes arun of 240km at certain speed.Another train whose speed is 12k/h less takes an hour longer to cover the same distance.Find the speed of express train.

Asked by BENIN JOHN | 11th Mar, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

dear student,
let the speed of the express train be x kn/h
we know that speed= dist/time
time taken by the expres train=240/x hrs
the speed of the other train= x-12 km/h
so time taken by the other train to cover the same distance=240/(x-12) hr
time taken by the other train = time taken by exp train +1
solving we get,

Answered by  | 11th Mar, 2011, 10:31: AM

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