conversions of kelvin to farhenhiet

Asked by mahikachheda | 15th Aug, 2019, 09:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Initially, convert Kelvin to Celsius using following conversion formula,
K = C + 273  
→ C = K - 273
K - Temperature given in Kelvin (unit)
C - Temperature in Celsius
Once the temperature is converted to Celsius use the below formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.
C over 5 equals fraction numerator F minus 32 over denominator 9 end fraction 
C - Temperature obtained in Celsius (unit of temperature)
F - Temperature in Fahrenheit
In this way, you can convert temperature given in Kelvin scale to Fahrenheit scale.

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 15th Aug, 2019, 10:04: PM