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ICSE Class 7 Questions and Answers

ICSE 7 - Hindi
Q.उपयुक्त स्थान पर नुक्ता लगाकर लिखिए और पढ़िए - सिर्फ तारीफ अफसोस  फर्क जाहिर हजार कमजोरी नाराज इंतजाम जमीन
Asked by nanditag4321 | 16 May, 2024, 04:24: PM
ICSE 7 - Physics
How to know displacement of solid
Asked by studentkrishiv | 28 Apr, 2024, 02:14: PM
ICSE 7 - Hindi
Refri kya kar raha hai
Asked by ruchitadua2008 | 02 Mar, 2024, 08:57: PM
ICSE 7 - English
School carnival, concert or fete is a great occasion for fun with friends.Describe one such event at your school that you enjoyed a lot
Asked by aarohirocks2011 | 01 Mar, 2024, 08:28: PM
ICSE 7 - Hindi
Extra question  
Asked by Gurkirat51515251 | 28 Feb, 2024, 01:06: PM
ICSE 7 - English
In which case was home engaged in at this time
Asked by praneeshrajk45 | 31 Jan, 2024, 08:24: PM
ICSE 7 - English
You live in a small town which does not have a public park. Write a letter to the municipal authority of your town, highlighting the need of a public park.
Asked by sukhdevsingh24111982 | 15 Jan, 2024, 07:54: AM
ICSE 7 - English
imperative essay
Asked by sarvjeetkaurshahpur | 07 Jan, 2024, 01:54: PM
ICSE 7 - English
"Mahatma Gandhi has been among the greatest person of the world of the 20th century. He was a big national leader of India. He was an embodiment of non violence. Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in the state of guzrat. He passed his class X at the age of seventeen years Mahatma Gandhi was sent to England for higher studies. He passed his Bar-at-Law there. The Mahatma started his practice as an advocate. Soon he had to go to South Africa for a case. There he saw the bad Lot of the Indians and the Africans. The British were very cruel to them. So he started a movement there. He was beaten and jailed. He did not lose heart and carried on his satyagra at last he was successful. Then the Mahatma came back to India, he took the lead of the freedom movement. He preached against untouchability and worked for Hindu Muslim unity at last he was able to win freedom for India in 1947. On 30th, January 1948 Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by an assistant Mahatma rightly came to be known as the Father of Nation. People called him Bapuji." Count how many words are there.
Asked by dutta4samyodeep | 20 Dec, 2023, 01:37: PM
ICSE 7 - English
Write a note on the contribution of the European to the world
Asked by pratigyasarkar18l | 28 Nov, 2023, 07:59: PM
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