Can you explain Digestion in human beings ?

Asked by Sai Prasanna Srinivasan | 20th Apr, 2012, 08:56: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Digestion in human begins involves following steps:
  • Ingestion : The process during which the food is taken into the digestive tract.
  • Digestion : Digestion of food takes place step-by step in various parts of the digestive tract.
  • Digestion in mouth : The action of amylase enzyme converts starch into sugar.The food is moved down through the oesophagus.
  • Digestion in stomach : The food is churned by the contraction and relaxation of the strong stomach muscles.
  • Gastric glands secretes HCL and pepsinogen directly into the stomach.HCl kills the germs and and also converts  pepsinogen to its useful form –the enzyme pepsin.Pepsin acts on proteins and converts it into simpler forms.The semi digested food gradually enters the small intestine in the form of thick paste called chyme.
  • Digestion in small intestine : Most of the digetion takes place in the small intestine.
  • As a result of the digestion of food in the different  parts of the digestive tract using enzymes produced by the digestive glands the insoluble complex food are all transformed into simple , soluble substances that can be absorbed onto the blood stream.
  • The semi-solid waste that is formed is stored in the lower part of the large intestine to be eliminated.

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