Can dative bond be formed between 2 similar atoms. For example if one oxygen has completed octet by covalent bond with other atom then can this oxygen form dative bond with another oxygen

Asked by govtsecschoolnayaganv051 | 3rd Jan, 2019, 01:09: PM

Expert Answer:

An oxygen atom can form bonds with other two oxygen atoms to form a compound.
This triatomic oxygen molecule i.e. O3 is known as ozone.
Preparation of ozone:
Ozone is generally prepared when silent electric discharge is passed through the pure, cold and dry dioxygen in special apparatus called ozoniser.
During this reaction, only 10% O2 is converted to O3 and product is called ozonised oxygen.
Formation of ozone is endothermic process hence it is necessary to use silent electric discharge.

Structure of ozone:
In ozone, the central oxygen atom is sp2 hybridised containing a lone pair of electrons. Hence, ozone has an angular structure with bond angle 1170.
It is actually a resonance hybrid.
Because of resonance, both oxygen-oxygen bonds have partial double bond character.

Answered by Ramandeep | 3rd Jan, 2019, 03:02: PM