according to Rutherford electrons revolve around nucleus in circular orbits. why is it a drawback?

Asked by Aarshiya Khandelwal | 8th Oct, 2013, 03:41: PM

Expert Answer:

In Rutherford's atomic model, electrons revolve around the nucleus in circular orbits. The drawback is-
  • Rutherford’s atomic model could not explain how the moving electrons could remain in its orbit.
  • Any charged particle during acceleration would give out energy; and while revolving it would lose energy and eventually fall into the nucleus.
  • This means that the atom would be highly unstable.
  • But, matter is composed of stable atoms.
  • Thus, the major drawback of Rutherford’s atomic model was that it could not explain the stability of atoms.


Diagram showing the atom losing energy

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 9th Oct, 2013, 10:26: AM

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