A weightlifter lifts a weight of 10 kg weight in 10 seconds. Calculate the change in the momentum of the weight (g = 9.8 ms

Asked by 7039_parth | 8th Jul, 2021, 01:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Force is defined as rate of change of momentum
begin mathsize 14px style fraction numerator d left parenthesis m v right parenthesis over denominator d t end fraction space equals space F end style
where m is mass , v is velocity,  F is force and t is time
Hence change in momentum , d(mv) = F dt
To lift the 10 kg mass, minimum required force = 10 × 9.8 = 98 N
Since the force is applied for 10 s , change in momentum = 98 × 10 = 980 kg m/s

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 8th Jul, 2021, 02:02: PM