a piece of ice of mass 40g is added to 200g of water at 50C. calculate the final temperature of water when all the ice has melted.specific heat capacity of water=4200kgk and specific latent heat of fusion of ice=336*(10,3)JKg


Asked by pcsajimol3 | 7th Feb, 2018, 12:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Let t ºC is the final temperature
Heat energy gained by 40g ice = 40×336+40×t 
Heat lose by 200 g of water = 200×4.2×(50-t)
40×336+40×t  = 200×4.2×(50-t) 
solve to get t = 32.5 ºC

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 7th Feb, 2018, 03:23: PM

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