A cricket ball of mass 100g strikes the hand of a player with velocity of 20m/s and is brought to rest in 0.01 s. calculate:(i)the force applied by the hands of player (ii)the acceleration of the ball

Asked by  | 3rd Nov, 2013, 04:12: PM

Expert Answer:

initial velocity(u) = 20m/s

final velocity (v) = 0m/s

mass of the ball(m) = 100g = 0.1kg

time (t) = 0.01s

We know, v = u + at

0 = 20 + a*0.01

a= -2000m/s2

F = m a

F = (0.1*(-2000)) = -200N

F = -200N and a = -2000m/s2


Answered by Faiza Lambe | 3rd Nov, 2013, 10:18: PM

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