2 conducting wires of the same materialand of equal lengths and equal diameters are first connected in series and then parallel in a circuit across the same potential difference. the ratio of heat produced in series and parallel combinations shall be?

Asked by LakshmiSriram | 29th Sep, 2013, 12:38: AM

Expert Answer:

The wires are of same material, equal lengths and diameters. Hence, the resistance of both wires is same, say R.
When they are connected in series:
The voltage across each is V/2 and current is I.
Thus, total heat produced is;
When they are connected in parallel:
The voltage across them is V and current is I/2
Thus, the heat produced is;
Thus, the ratio of heat in series and parallel is;
Hs/Hp = 1

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 29th Sep, 2013, 10:20: AM

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