2)"All plants give out oxygen during day and carbon dioxide during night".Do you agree with this statement?Give reason.

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Expert Answer:

Plants perform two processes simultaneously 1. photosynthesis and 2.respiration. The chemical equation of both these processes are just opposite to each other. Photosunthesis takes place during day time when there is ample sunlight. During this process the green tissue of the plants exposed to light makes glucose in presence of chlorophyll pigment, water and carbondioxide. During this process oxygen is released and this process is possible only in presence of sunlight.
Respiration is another process which is carried out by all living organisms animals or plants. This is a continuous process where glucose is broken down to CO2 and H2O and energy is released in the form of ATP molecules. This is continued irrespective of daylight or darkness.

Answered by  | 9th May, 2013, 12:01: PM

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