1.what are organic compounds and what is the difference bet. organic and inorganic compounds?
2.are all organic compounds naturally occuring?
3.if organic means substance obtained from nature then how are organic compuonds made from an inorganic compound?then why it comes under organic compounds?

Asked by Gayathri C | 15th Nov, 2014, 06:48: AM

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Answer to your first question is:
Organic compounds essentially contain carbon, the term organic compounds applies to the compounds of carbon.

Organic Compounds

Inorganic Compounds

Carbon is necessary element in every organic compound.

Carbon is not essential element in inorganic compounds.

They generally do not dissolve in water.

They generally dissolve in water.

They dissolve in organic solvents like alcohol, benzene and chloroform.

They do not dissolve in organic solvents like alcohol, benzene and chloroform.

They form covalent bonds.

Most of them form ionic bonds.

They are non-electrolytes.

Only those that form ionic bonds are good electrolytes.

They are inflammable.

They do not burn easily.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 17th Nov, 2014, 10:49: AM