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Unlock Your Academic Freedom: TopperLearning's Independence Study Pack Offer!

Independence Day is a time of celebration, reflection and progress. This Independence Day, as we commemorate the spirit of freedom and growth at TopperLearning, we plan to empower our students with enhanced learning resources. Our Independence Day offer presents students with an opportunity to access our comprehensive Annual Study Packs at an amazing flat 50% off on Annual Study Packs. Students can take subscriptions for both the current and the next academic year. This offer, valid from August 11th to August 20th, 2023, is a testament to our devotion to enriching students' learning journey across the country and helping them embark on flourishing careers.

Benefits of the Offer

Understanding the importance of comprehensive and well-aligned study materials in today’s education sector, this offer gives students a chance to access a range of upgraded resources tailored to the latest curriculum demands. The key benefits include:

Continuous Learning

This offer is your chance to subscribe to thoughtfully crafted study materials for the current academic year as well as the next year and ensure uninterrupted access to our study packs. The continuity will help maintain a consistent learning curve, revise crucial concepts, and build a strong foundation for academic challenges.

NEP 2020 Aligned Curriculum

Staying upgraded is the key to better performance. What’s the point in referring to exam patterns that were followed 5-6 years ago when the NEP 2020 guidelines present major revisions?

As all CBSE, ICSE, and State boards incorporate the competency-based approach to learning and focus on holistic development,  TopperLearning brings you updated study resources with this offer to ensure that students stand well-prepared for the changing educational landscape.

Competency-Based Questions for Unlimited Practice

As the study paradigm shifts from rote memorization to a deeper understanding of concepts, our study packs feature preparation materials and questions that challenge students to exhibit their mastery of different subjects. Our sample papers, mock tests, MCQs, revision materials, and, most importantly, competency-based questions go beyond regular preparation, providing students with knowledge that sparks their interests and equips them with better practical knowledge.

Ask A Doubt

Our Annual Study packs come with access to TopperLearning’s Ask a Doubt platform, wherein students can post their 5 queries per day either by typing or uploading pictures. Our experienced faculty gets back to you with detailed answers to your specific queries. This platform is a blessing for all those students who are engaged in self-study or seek solutions from subject experts. Additionally, students can also search and review answers to 3 lakh+ questions posed by peers.

Recorded Video Lessons

For different subjects, we provide hundreds of video lessons prepared by experienced teachers. In these video lessons, we go beyond the conventional approach. The videos are enriched with engaging visual aids that breathe life into complex concepts, presenting better clarity and comprehension.

Test Series

Students can take tests after watching videos or completing their syllabus to determine their level of understanding. The packs present them with a myriad of chapter-wise Short answer questions, Multiple choice questions, Important questions, Fill in the blanks, True or False, competency-based questions and more.

Revision Notes

The annual packs offer access to revision notes for different subjects for precision and accuracy. Students need not skim through textbooks the night before an exam, rather go through every concept through these revision notes and ace their exam prep.

Textbook Solutions

Detailed textbook solutions that cover every question posed in the textbook have been prepared by subject matter experts for NCERT, RD Sharma, HC Verma, and other books. Access each answer written according to the latest guidelines for boosted accuracy and maximum marks.

Introducing the Newly Designed Worksheets To Unleash the Topper in Every Student

TopperLearning has always strived to cater to the need for a more effective and relevant practice approach. Adopting a revolutionary approach, we bring forth chapterwise worksheets for all chapters of CBSE 6, 7, and 8 Maths and Science.

Here is why these worksheets are a must for every student in classes 6 to 8:

●       Covers all chapters based on the rationalized syllabus of NCERT, ensuring alignment and relevance.

●       An abundant resource for practice, offering a variety of questions to enhance problem-solving abilities.

●       Includes challenging questions aligned with the learning outcomes designed by NCERT, ensuring that students are able to demonstrate their mastery of the syllabus.

●       Provides clear and concise explanations of all major concepts, making it easy for students to understand the material.

●       Includes a variety of question types to ensure that students are prepared for varying assessments.

●       Focuses on competency-based learning– a student-centered approach to learning that focuses on developing students' skills and knowledge.

●       Includes reference solutions for all questions so that students can check their work and learn from their mistakes.

Note: All subscribers of TopperLearning study packs can access these worksheets under the Sample Paper section of the respective grades.


Inch Closer To Academic Growth This Independence Day with TopperLearning

As we celebrate India’s 76th Independence Day, TopperLearning's offer is our symbol of dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning. By providing a 50% discount on all annual study packs, we aim to open doors to easier access to limitless possibilities for students to excel in their educational pursuits. Avail now for the subscription offer is only valid till 20th August 2023. It is time to seize this unparalleled chance for growth and success!

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