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The Positive Side of a Teacher-Student Relationship


The Positive Side of a Teacher-Student Relationship

Teachers are the ultimate driving force in the trajectory of a student’s school life.

By Admin 20th Jan, 2016 06:49 pm

The relationship between a teacher and a student is essential for the development of a student. Students who have close and supportive relationships with their teachers attain higher levels of success as compared to the ones who are at conflict with their teachers.

Children love being cared for and valued by people around them. Teachers on the other hand have a great deal of power over their students. They not only teach them but also mould them and make them better people. So, there is no doubt that our teachers know us better than our friends and perhaps even our parents. They also play a very important role in our character development and behaviour.

Teachers are the ultimate driving force in the trajectory of a student’s school life.

Academic Outcome: Motivation is the bond which connects teachers and students. It is what makes students work hard in their studies. Students who perceive their relationship with their teachers as positive, close and motivated are more likely to improve in their academics and will desire to perform well.

Impact: Teachers have a lot of influence over students. The manner in which they communicate about discipline, their attitude towards success and how seriously they take teaching have a direct effect on the formation of a student’s attitude. Their teaching methods and strategies may have either a positive or a negative impact on students.

Support: The way a teacher extends support towards students determines the teacher’s attitude. Some express their opinion harshly so that it works as a driving force, whereas others tell students that they have the ability to perform well. Students often work hard just to prove that their teacher’s confidence is justified.

Life after School: Teachers shape the personality of students long after school life is over. His or her values and teaching still make a difference in a student’s life. Some students never forget their favourite teacher. They always look up to them during any setbacks in life. The teacher–student relationship never really fades; it evolves and becomes stronger with time. Many students like to visit their mentors once or twice annually. Such visits make the teacher feel special and remembered as well as help strengthen the bond between both.

Teachers have a unique privilege to communicate with their students – a significant gift which brings about remarkable change in a student’s life. 

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