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Andre Marie Ampere: Man who Formulated the Ampere’s Law

Here are five amazing facts about the man who formulated the Ampere's Law.

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1. Andre Marie Ampere made some revolutionary changes in electricity. He discovered that a wire carrying an electric current could attract or repel another electric current-carrying wire next to it. This attraction is called magnetism.

2. The SI unit of electric current, the ampere or amp (symbol A), was named in Ampere’s honour. It was Ampere who first defined electric current as the circulation of electric fluid in a closed circuit.

3. To explain the relationship between electricity and magnetism, Ampere proposed a new particle responsible for both of these phenomena – the electrodynamics molecule. He firmly believed that a large number of these electromagnetic molecules were moving the electric conductor and caused electric and magnetic phenomena.

4. Ampere’s interest was not restricted to Mathematics and Physics. He had a wide range of interests including Philosophy and Astronomy. In fact, after the discovery of electromagnetism, he had made significant contributions to Chemistry.

5. In 1810, Ampere discovered and named the element fluorine. He proposed that the compound called hydrogen fluoride consisted of hydrogen and a new element which had properties similar to those of chlorine. This new element was called fluorine.

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