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Smarter Ways to Prepare for your Pre-boards

Pre-board exams prepare us for the Board exams; therefore, it’s very important to take them seriously. Your score in the pre-boards can actually decide your prospective scores in the Board exams. Many students feel that it’s just a simple pre-board exam and that the marks hardly matter. However, this isn’t true. Pre-boards affect you in a huge way.

Students should take the pre-board exams seriously. In a way, they prepare you for the Boards. A pre-board score helps you gauge where you stand when it comes to studies. A bad score indicates that you need to work harder, while a good score indicates that you’re on the right track and can do better. 

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Here, we list some smart tips which will help you prepare well for the pre-boards.


We know you’ve heard about planning many a times. But, have you planned? If your teachers, parents and everybody else are telling you to plan well, then there may be a reason! In fact, a big reason! When you plan your studies, you’ll have time for all your subjects. A planned approach will help you stay ahead of other students too. Focus on your weak subjects as they require a lot more attention.


When you’ve planned your studies, you know how to go about your preparation. One thing which matters here is practice. Practise ample sample papers as these will help you revise effectively. Sample papers and Board exam papers help you know what kind of questions will come in the exams. This will help you gauge important topics from your syllabus.

Seriousness Matters

Approach the pre-board exams with double seriousness. Because it isn’t a Board exam, we tend to lose our seriousness and prepare just for the heck of giving the exams. No, that shouldn’t be the case. Be true to yourself. Ultimately, pre-boards are preparing you for the Boards. So, give your 100 percent!

Clarify your Doubts before the Pre-boards

Yes! Make sure you clarify all your doubts before the pre-boards. You may lose your marks because of a simple doubt. These exams give you an idea of where you stand when it comes to the Board exams. They’re called pre-boards for a reason! Don’t let doubts weaken your stand!

Speed up

If you’re one who can’t finish your exams within the stipulated time, then you need to also work on your speed. Pre-boards are the best time to work on your speed. Try to finish every pre-board exam on time and you’ll definitely finish your Board exams on time too.

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