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Processed Food: Not a Choice to Make

Health and Lifestyle

Processed Food: Not a Choice to Make

We may not have realised but processed food has become part and parcel of our lives.

By Admin 20th Feb, 2015 07:22 pm

We may not have realised but processed food has become part and parcel of our lives. So deep rooted has it become in our lives that even if we go to a health store to buy food, we would not be entirely able to remove processed food from the list. There are two types of food – processed food and whole food.

What is Processed Food?

Before we move ahead, let us get a clear idea on what is processed food. When the food is canned, dehydrated and frozen for longer shelf life, it is called processed food.

What is Whole Food?

Food which is naturally grown and devoid of any artificial flavours is termed whole food.  Fruits, grains and vegetables which are grown naturally and not polished are examples of whole food.


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Dangers of Processed Food

All this while, you were enjoying processed food thinking that it saves so much of your cooking time. Let’s see the dangers.

1. Low on Nutritional Value

When food is processed, it loses its nutritional value to a large extent. Processed food is full of added sugar and carbohydrates. Added sugars affect our metabolism rate and can slow it down. In short, processed foods create havoc in our digestive system. And, what do we do? We happily include them in our diet.

2. Addictive

The taste value is kept in mind while processing food. Manufacturers want their product to be in demand, and thus, taste is well taken care of. As a result, we get addicted to such food. Ultimately, it is the addiction which leads to many health problems.

3. Obesity

Addiction leads to overeating. And, overeating can lead to obesity in children too. Watch what you eat.

4. Health Issues

Obesity is not the only after effect of excessive consumption of processed food. Depression, memory loss and mood swings have also been observed in people.

5. Unlisted Chemical Ingredients

Another risky thing about processed food is the chemicals used. And, to add to it, these chemicals are not listed on the packaging. So, you do not even know that you are consuming chemicals. Does not sound right!

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