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How to Make a Pendulum


A pendulum is an object which hangs from a stationary point and which swings forwards and backwards under the pull of gravitational force ( Pendulums are used in clocks to manage the timely movement of the hands. Let us learn to make a pendulum in these few simple steps.


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Things you require

- Long piece of string or thread; make sure the thread is thin

- A small heavy weight object such as an iron nut or small bolt  

- Two chairs

- A long stick such as a broomstick or a single wooden plank


- Tie the iron nut or bolt to one side of the thread.

- Tie the other end of the thread to the centre of the wooden stick and make sure the thread is hanging at the middle of the stick.

- Place the chairs about three feet apart and back to back; the distance depends on the length of the stick. Then place the stick on the chairs maintaining the thread at the centre, equidistant from the chairs.

- You now have a pendulum. Give it a slight push to make it swing.

What to Examine

A clock pendulum makes 60 beats. Count the number of strikes your pendulum makes in a minute. Also notice how the swing gets shorter and the speed decreases in every beat. You can examine how different lengths of strings change the count of beats.


Tejal Mistry


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