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Small Paper Gift Bags

Plastic bags have harmful effects on the environment. So, why not use bags made of other materials? Paper bags can also prove to be a great way of replacing plastic from the environment. Here, you will learn the easy steps to make paper gift bags for your friends and family.



Take colourful chart paper and cut it into two equal pieces. Put one piece of paper over the other. Either stick the sides with glue or staple them. Make sure you stick or staple the bags properly.



Now cut a long piece of the chart paper to make the handle of the bag. Stick the handle on both the edges of the bag. You can also attach strings instead of using paper.




Now, you can decorate any one surface of the bag to make it your front end. If you want to make a big bag, then you will have to use more paper. Here, used newspapers can work.

Put in your cute little gifts in this bag and gift it to your friends.



Pratibha Yadav

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