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How Can You Get Rid of Your Old Books?

School has re-opened and you are still thinking hard on how to do away with the unwanted clutter of your old books! Well, here are some suggestions to solve your problem.

Donate your Books

If you seriously do not need your books, then you can donate your books to someone who needs them. There are varieties of options. You can donate your books to your friends, school library, church or a group that collects old books. Make sure you donate your books to a source which makes proper use of them. There is no point donating a book to someone who will hardly use it.


Sell your Books

If you have a collection of your previous year’s academic books, then you can sell your books to your juniors. People buy books at half the rate. This way you can get rid of the old books and can earn some money.



If your books are in a very bad condition and you can neither donate nor sell them, then the least you can do is recycle them. You can use the pages of the books or send them to the agencies that recycle paper. You can also cut important pictures, write ups from the books and paste these into your personal scrap book.


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