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How to Make Paper Lanterns


How to Make Paper Lanterns

By Admin 20th May, 2014 03:49 pm

If you always wanted to make paper lanterns but could not do so, then here are some easy steps to help you. You can use old newspapers or craft paper that is no more of use. Paper lanterns are not only easy to make but they also make up for a good decorative item. Here are some easy steps for making paper lanterns.




Take a piece of paper and fold it to half of its length. The paper can be of any size. Just make sure to cut it into the proper shape of a rectangle or a square.




After folding the paper, cut it along the folded edge. The longer the slits, the more light will pass through your lantern.





After slitting the folded edge, take the opposite edges and stick them together. Stick it carefully so that it does not come out on its own. After sticking the edges, your lamp is made.





Now you need to make a handle for your lamp. Cut a thin piece of paper and stick it to the top of your lamp. With the help of your parents, you can put a well-connected bulb to light your lamp. 

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