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Paper Peek- Exam Special Series Starts from 15th January on Topper TV

Topper TV, India’s only 24x7-education channel, presents Paper Peek, an exclusive TV series for the school exam season beginning from 15th of January 2016. This TV series will also be available on as part of the examination special pack.

Paper Peek will cover Science and Mathematics for the 1st and 2nd terms for Class 9 and 10, and is designed according to the CBSE syllabus. This series consists of 36 episodes, which will be of 30 minutes each. These 30-minute episodes are specially designed and developed by our academic experts after poring over tonnes of study material and past year papers. Each episode aims to provide assistance to students and get them ‘Exam Ready’! Every chapter is explained with the help of graphics and animation which lucidly explain key concepts to students to help them breeze through their exams. These episodes are especially helpful for last minute revisions! An episode breaks down each unit and chapter into well-thought-out segments covering the most important topics, including Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions and Subjective Questions – a must for students as part of their exam preparation.

Our hosts Salil, Archana and Yukti are excited to be part of this innovative television concept. Salil feels that today’s children are lucky to have a huge pool of study resources for learning where education is not just limited to textbooks and teachers’ guidance. Archana shares that to survive in this competitive world it is important for students to also have easy methods of learning. Yukti on the other hand had wished for such an effective mode of education during her school days.

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Subscribe right away to Topper TV on Tata Sky (Ch. No. 590), Airtel digital TV (Ch. No. 295) and Reliance Digital TV (Ch. No. 580). Along with Paper Peek, Topper TV broadcasts several other shows covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 6−12.

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