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NEET: Private medical colleges raise tuition charges to humongous amounts

Looks like the financial relief that students aspiring to study in private medical colleges felt thanks to NEET dismissing capitation fees, was short lived. In a drastic move and in order continue milking unnecessary finances for their profits from students and parents, private medical colleges across India have substantially hiked their tuition fees.

This does not include expenses on books and lodging. Tamil Nadu saw the highest jump in cost of private medical education. Studying medicine in private medical colleges in Tamil Nadu will be the most expensive for aspiring students and it will be cheapest in Gujarat and Karnataka.

While most private medical colleges come under the purview of the Supreme Courtappointed fee committees in each state, deemed universities rarely come under the states' radar, leaving room for them to arbitrarily fix fees.

However, in many states, capitation fee is collected in cash and is usually much more that the official hiked fees. For instance in Maharashtra, many private colleges are learnt to be taking Rs 40-60 lakh or Rs 70-75 lakh in the deemed universities. This is the reason, activists raising a voice against the tyranny of private medical institutes were not at all happy about the abolishment of capitation fees by NEET. Members of state fee committees are aware of the situation but feel helpless.

It is interesting to note that the cost of medical education in government colleges hasn’t been tampered with at all. In government colleges, fees range from as little as Rs 9,000 for the entire MBBS course in Rajasthan to Rs 4.4 lakh in Punjab. 

Private Medical College

Previous Fee

Current Hiked Fee

SRM Medical College (Chennai)

Rs 10 lakh (per annum)


Rs 21 lakh a year / Rs 94.5 lakh for full MBBS course

Katihar Medical College (Bihar)

Rs 8 lakh

Rs 12.5 lakh

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences (Delhi)

Rs 15 lakh

Rs 18 lakh

Dr D Y Patil Medical College (Navi Mumbai)

Rs 8.5 lakh

Rs 16.5 lakh annually / Rs 76.2 lakh for full MBBS course

Saveetha University (Chennai)

Rs 9 lakh

Rs 15 lakh

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