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NCERT urges the use of Social Media applications for Online Teaching

The alternate activity calendar that has been just launched by the NCERT pushes students to stay productive even when they are home through online classes. The aim of the alternate calendar is to ensure students also approach learning in a holistic manner and do not stay behind academically because of COVID-19. Social media has been frequently mentioned in the calendar and this is what the official statement says, "Given the unprecedented social distancing and home quarantines due to COVID-19, social media platforms have immense potential to contribute to teaching-learning processes. When physical access to schools and colleges are closed, we can leverage these platforms to effectively carry out academic activities in innovative ways.”


Here is the list of Social media apps that the CBSE board advised the students and teachers to use to their advantage:


WhatsApp – Teachers can make a group on whatsapp and assign tasks and homework. Using the same platform teachers can also interact with parents. TopperLearning also carries out live chat and doubt solving sessions for CBSE 10, CBSE 9, ICSE 10, ICSE 9.


Facebook – This platform can be used to create class wise groups in large numbers and deliver live lectures. Check interesting blogs and information for students on Topperlearnings Facebook page.


Twitter – Here the conversations can be crisp but this platform can be used for circulating important messages and share resources.


Edmodo – This is an online educational learning network. Teachers can create a digital classroom space and students can work together and share ideas and resources. This platform can be used for frequent quizzing.


Instagram – Even though it is primarily a photo sharing app. Teachers can use the IGTV feature to make educational and fun videos. Check Topperlearnings Instagram page for such fun and E-learning videos.


Telegram – This is too is a messaging app like WhatsApp. This app gained popularity during NISHTHA training many states like Assam, Karnataka, Odisha, Punjab, and Rajasthan.


Blogger - Blogs can be used to write and discuss difficult topics from different subjects. Teachers can make the learning material appealing on blogs by adding pictures, videos, audios, PPTs, etc. Read our blogs for latest information on syllabus and examinations.


Skype - The video calling platform can be used for live interactions and exchanging ideas.


Pinterest – This platform is best used for arts and crafts and sharing DIY ideas.


YouTube - Teachers can create subject video playlists and share with students. These videos can be easily accessible by students when they want to. Subscribe to Topperlearnings Youtube channel for application and concept videos for CBSE and ICSE.


LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a platform for professionals so it can be used teachers to share ideas and tips for teaching.


Google Hangout - Teachers can use hangout to live stream class from their homes and students can join the classes. Teachers can also form chat groups and openly discuss ideas.


NCERT has now released the calendar in which they have mentioned how various social media portals can be used. The academic calendar is extremely engaging and divided chapter wise. It also mentions several educational apps. This calendar will also cater to children with special needs. Click here to download the NCERT alternative academic calendar.


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