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Make your Own Balloon Chocolate Bowls

We’ve had chocolate and ice-cream parlours serving us our favourite scoops in chocolate bowls. But did you ever want to make one such delectable chocolate bowl? It’s easy and not that awkward if you follow our simple steps to create your chocolate delight.


Things you’ll Need








Vessel to Melt Chocolate






Wash the Balloons

Wash the balloons that you’ve purchased. The number of balloons would depend on the number of chocolate bowls you want to make.


Fill Balloons with Air

Fill the balloons with air and keep them ready.


Melt the Chocolate


Melt the chocolate by heating it over a stove and then cool it. Please ask your parents or an equally enthusiastic older sibling for help to light the stove and to be around you as you’re near the flame.


Dip the Balloons in Chocolate


Hot chocolate may burst your balloons. So, carefully hold each balloon from its knot, and dip it in the chocolate vessel slowly. Tilt the chocolate vessel, and dip it again. Do this for a few times until the lower part of the balloon is completely covered with chocolate. Notice the bowl shape.


Take the balloon out, and hold it for a few seconds. Let the chocolate stop dripping.


Pour some chocolate on a cookie sheet or a plate, making a circle. Place the chocolate-dipped balloon on this circle. The reason we do this is so that the layer of chocolate on the balloon which is in contact with the cookie sheet or plate should not thin or stick to the cookie sheet or plate.


Leave the balloon in this position for some time.


Remove the Air

Carefully remove the cookie sheet or plate from beneath the balloon. To let out the air, take a pin and gently prick the upper part of the balloon. When the air is all out, gently remove the balloon.

Ta-da! Your chocolate bowl is ready.


Pratibha Yadav

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