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Tips to Keep your House Cool


Tips to Keep your House Cool

By Admin 16th May, 2014 06:56 pm

The levels of scorching heat are increasing with every passing day. If you want to keep your house cool without using an air conditioner, then take a closer look at these important tips.


Plant a Terrace Garden

You can convert your terrace into a cute little garden with much foliage. Plants can provide the much desired cooling effect. It’s one of the tried and tested methods and it really works.



Schedule Heat-generating Activities for Evenings

Heat-generating activities like the use of the dishwasher, washing machine and microwave oven should be done in the evenings. This way you won’t end up making your afternoons hotter.



Paint your Roof White


The colour white reflects light. Painting your roof white is an easy way to reduce the heat. So, get some white paint from the market and let the painting begin.



Use your Fan Creatively

Move your fan near the window to bring in cooler air. The natural air will keep your room cool for a longer period.



Sprinkle Water on the Floors

Sprinkle water on the floors of your room. The floors will remain cool for a longer period and so will you.



Make Use of Ice


Put a bowl of ice in front of your table fan and relax. The ice will cool the air coming towards you from the fan. Water bottles from the freezer can also give you the same effect.



Use LED lights instead of Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs generate more heat than LED lights. It is also advisable to switch off the computer, TV and other heat-generating appliances when not in use.



Plant Trees


Plant trees around your house and you will naturally be protected from the heat. The trees will not only give shade but also keep your house cool.



Mop at Regular Intervals

Dusting your house in summers will keep it clean, but it isn’t enough to keep it cool. You’ll have to mop the floors regularly. Mopping at regular intervals will cool your house and reduce the temperature.



Stay Cool

Above all, it’s important to stay cool. Drink plenty of water, bathe twice (if needed) and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These too will help you stay cool in summers.


 Pratibha Yadav

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