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Easy Ways to Memorise Maths Formulas For ICSE & CBSE Class 10 Students

There are very few students who come up with Mathematics when asked about their favourite subject, all due to the long list of formulas. Mathematics becomes tricky because it is not just about studying concepts from textbooks; it's also about solving and understanding problems.

Once you have a firm grasp of Mathematics formulas, you are set to nail a significant portion of your assignments and tests. Listed below are the best methods to memorise all the formulas and tackle varied ICSE or CBSE 10 maths solutions:

  • Knowing the Concept  Behind the Formulas

It is important to understand the method behind a specific formula because it makes memorising the formulas much easier for all the students. Maths formulas are easier for us to remember when we understand the full logic or method behind them. Putting more focus on the links between variables and the concepts than on thoughtless memorization really helps students to remember the formulas longer.

#Pro Tip: Don’t jump to memorising the formulae. Time spent on going through derivations and examples can be more rewarding than you can ever assume!

  • Answer All the Questions that You Can

Writing down the formulas helps a lot in recalling them later. The more you practise with each formula and enter different values, the better you'll get in solving questions. It may take some time to learn each formula, but it will all be worth it especially when your exam is coming. It is indeed always a good idea to solve maths and science questions from textbooks or exam papers regularly. 

  • Saying No to Distraction

While learning maths formulas, be sure not to become diverted or distracted. Try sitting in a secluded spot with minimal noise and people and concentrate only on the formulas. It is recommended to stay away from your phone or any other device that may take up your attention.

  • Breaking Down of Formulas

The formulas start getting more complex as you move ahead in your syllabus. Thus, to make your life easier, start dividing the complex formulas into simpler components and variables. Give top priority to memorise every element of a formula, then gradually incorporate them to make up the original long formula.

#Pro Tip: Keep CBSE and ICSE 10 maths solutions at hand to see how subject experts incorporated formulas at different steps.

  • Making Flashcards

Make flashcards by writing the formula on one side and its use or importance on the other. Also, making them into charts helps you to dig into your creativity, and the more attractive the charts are, the longer they will stay in your memory when you look at them. Additionally, sticking up those charts and flashcards where you can see them on a regular basis will help you memorise the formulas.

  • Revising the Formulas

Constant revision of the formulas will not only help you memorise them but you will be able to remember them longer. Also, your brain is more likely to recall that formula if you think about it before going to sleep. 


The key to mastering formulas is not rote memorisation, it is practice. Diligent hard work and regular efforts put into understanding the formulas can be a game changer.  To make things easier, turn to high-quality online resources on TopperLearning. Get exam-ready with extensive preparation notes, video lectures, mock exams papers, and "ask a doubt" sessions!

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