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Maharashtra X Science Paper I & II Analysis by TopperLearning Experts

Almost 53% (42 marks out of 80 marks) of the questions asked in the Maharashtra State Board (MSB) X Science and Technology Paper I & II paper have matched with the Most Important Questions (MIQ) compiled by Science experts at TopperLearning. Yes, you read it right. Students who had referred to the questions have confessed to being less worried before the exam because the list assured them about their preparation.

Expert Analysis

The questions were mostly picked up from the exercises given at the end of every chapter.  Also, some questions were in-text questions that occur at the end of every topic/concept in a chapter.

Overall, the questions were very direct and even an average student should have been able to answer them expecting an assured 50 to 60 marks. Students who had a thorough preparation over the concepts can score anywhere beyond 75 marks out of 80.

Important Questions Lists

Students take a note that some the questions that had been listed in MIQ list have a word to word match in the Board question paper while some questions matched with respect to the concepts covered through the questions. Take a look at some of the questions.

1. Differentiate between Normal elements and Transition elements.

2. Define magnetic lines of force and state its two properties.

3. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the human excretory system.

4. What are the two types of nerves? Write their functions.

5. State any two applications of baking soda.

6. Label the four parts of electric motor and its uses.

TopperLearning wishes all the students good luck for the rest of their exams! 

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