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Importance of Fathers in our Lives


Importance of Fathers in our Lives

The bond that we share with our fathers is very different from the one we share with our mothers.

By Admin 12th Jun, 2014 07:55 pm

The bond that we share with our fathers is very different from the one we share with our mothers. However, unlike mothers, the importance of fathers is seldom acknowledged. We depend on our fathers for everything but never really recognise how vital their importance is in our lives. Here, we look at the points that highlight the importance of fathers in our lives.



Strong Foundation in our Lives

If there is someone who lays a strong foundation for our lives, then it might be our father. Be it any problem, he is always there to solve it and take the burden on himself.


Dad as a Disciplinarian

When it comes to discipline, fathers play a very important role in our lives. They know when to spoil us and when to be strict. While mothers play a soft cop, fathers play the role of tough cops in our lives.


First Role Model

The first role model we look up to is our father. A father is the first love of a girl and the first hero of a boy. All kids want to be like their father.


First Teacher/Coach in our lives

Fathers are our first teachers/coach. They start teaching us since the time we were born. They stop their bad habits and change themselves to make us learn good things from them.


Monetary Support

This is one of the factors we all can relate to. Our fathers have always been a monetary support to us. Right from our basic needs to our study funds, everything is usually borne by our father.


Pratibha Yadav

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