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Father's Day Special: Breakfast in Bed for Dad


Father's Day Special: Breakfast in Bed for Dad

We know you're thinking hard about how to make Father's Day special for your dad. Why don't you start with an early morning surprise? Yes, surprise him by serving him breakfast in bed.

By Admin 12th Jun, 2014 08:00 pm

We know you’re thinking hard on how to make Father’s Day special for your dad. Why don’t you start with an early morning surprise? Yes, surprise him by serving him breakfast in bed.



Morning Tea/Coffee

If your dad can’t do without his morning tea/coffee, then you just can’t replace it from your breakfast menu. One thing you can definitely do is add some twist to his morning tea/coffee. You can experiment with different tea flavours and surprise him.


Fruit Salad

Why not give your dad a healthy and a fresh start. Make a bowl of fruit salad, garnish it beautifully and present it to your dad.



It will be a good idea to add juices to your breakfast tray while serving him fruit salad. What say?



A homemade pizza can surely impress your dad, if and only if it doesn’t taste bad! Look out for recipes and learn to make pizzas.



You can either make your muffins or order them from the market. Team them up with your dad’s tea or coffee and serve him. He will definitely love your efforts.


Baked Eggs

Baked eggs are another healthy breakfast option. If your dad is a fitness freak, then he will really like the way you took care of his preferences.



You can go creative with pancakes and convey your message too. Make pancakes in the shape of the letters of the alphabet and present them to your dad in the form of a message.


Cheese Omelette

Add lots of cheese to his regular omelettes and let him enjoy the day. For one day, your mom can let him have extra cheese.


Regular Breakfast in a Different Style

Doing different things for your dad will only work if your dad likes to experiment! If your dad has set his regular breakfast routine and swears by it, then there’s no point messing around with it. Rather, you can present his regular breakfast in an innovative style.


Remember the Presentation

Remember that the presentation of your breakfast is really important. It’s your presentation that’ll make your breakfast different from regular days. So, get ready to give your dad a royal breakfast treat!


Pratibha Yadav

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