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Importance of Extracurricular Activities in a Student's Life

Extracurricular activities form an important part of school life. However, not many of us know that they play an essential role in our lives too. Take a look at the things in which extracurricular activities equip us in our lives.



Work in a Team

Teamwork is one of the important qualities which a student should have. When we participate in group activities like debates, panel discussions and quizzes, we actually learn to work in a team. Working in a team can also help us make better decisions in life.



Enhance Creativity

Creativity is an innate or built-in quality, but it grows only with a lot of practice. Extracurricular activities give students a platform to polish their talent and churn out their best possible creative side.


Build Confidence

Extracurricular activities like recitations and public speaking help you face people and remove stage fear. Regular participation in such activities helps you emerge as a confident person.


Harness Talent

By participating in extracurricular activities, you realise your true potential and areas of interest. Thus, you can actually figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and perhaps even rediscover yourself.


Manage Time

To participate in extracurricular activities, we need to manage our time well and maintain a balance between extracurricular activities and studies. Thus, as a student, we learn time management too.


Relieve Stress

Extracurricular activities give you a break from studies and thus relieve you from study pressure and unwanted stress.


Pratibha Yadav

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