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6 Ways to Increase Your Concentration Span

A short span of concentration or attention is observed in many people, irrespective of their age. A clear mind and longer spans of concentration aide in better productivity and efficient functioning. Read on to know how you can increase your concentration span with these simple tips:


Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep of minimum eight hours is absolutely essential. You will observe that once you’ve slept well, your mind is more alert and you’re able to focus better on the tasks at hand.
Eat a Hearty Healthy Breakfast
It has been widely accepted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a great essence of truth in it. Your body needs fuel in order to obtain energy and perform tasks at your optimal level. Hence, a nutritious and wholesome breakfast is essential for everyone.
Find Some Quiet Time

Everyday, take out some time for yourself. You can use this time to meditate for five minutes or listen to soothing music to get into the right mood. 
Take a Breather

When you reach a point where you can’t workanymore, get up and give yourself a few minutes to breathe and unwind. Take a stroll, get something refreshing to drink or do something that’ll help refresh you.
Get into the Habit of Reading Books

Not many people enjoy reading, but it is one of the sure shot ways which can help increasing your concentration span. Reading demands attention and patience; hence, it is a good habit to inculcate. 
Set Yourself Goals

Try and increase your attention span by setting a duration everyday and monitoring your task with a timer. For example, decide that tomorrow you will not look up from your work for at least 15 minutes, so set your timer for that. Only once it buzzes, allow yourself the privilege of looking up. This is a promise you have to make to yourself. Increase the time on a daily basis. Don’t forget to reward yourself once you’ve met your targets!
Esha Birnur
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