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IIT JEE Preparation Tips for 2016

How to prepare for IIT JEE 2016? This must be a very tough question for students who are looking forward to make their career in engineering. Everyone preparing for IIT JEE 2016 should be clear that JEE Main and Advanced are two different exams. The JEE Main is the first stage exam for IIT. In order to excel in the JEE Main, you need to practise more on your speed because in a limited amount of time you will have to solve a maximum number of questions. On the other hand, JEE Advanced questions are tougher than Main. The questions asked are more inclined to test your knowledge on the theories and conclusions on the same. 

Preparing for both exams is difficult but important is how you try to manage your time. The key to plan for any exam is to set small goals and then try to achieve them like finishing a particular chapter or a topic and solve some question banks.

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Here are some amazing guidelines which will help you crack JEE 2016.

1. Create a timetable and make sure you give equal amount of importance to each subject. Try to be more realistic with yourself because it is not very wise to cheat with your own plan.

2. Never underestimate the basics of any topic or subject; without the basics, you will never be able to solve advanced problems. This is one of the biggest mistakes students commit – they try to overlook the foundation of any subject and move ahead because of lack of interest.

3. Time management is important in both exams. Try to practise more on your speed limit because in a stipulated period, you will have to solve various theory and problem-solving questions. Also make sure that you don’t forget to get the answers right because even if your speed is good, what if the answer is not right? So, the correct solution and time limit both need to be examined properly.

4. Practice makes a man perfect, so you will have to keep trying. Even after several attempts if you don’t get it right, then don’t panic or lose hope; try until everything is right. Students preparing for JEE often make a silly mistake like referring to solutions even before solving them. Try to solve a question at least five times before referring to the solution.

5. Let go of the laid-back attitude. Nothing can be achieved if you don’t work hard. For example, many students leave the topic or a particular question in between and move ahead. Such an attitude is certainly not good for the exam. Try losing it because half knowledge is injurious to health and marks for you.

6. Time to enjoy and release stress is also important during studies. It is a myth that studying regularly or for long hours helps you score well. Save some time for enjoyment or leisure because anything more or less is harmful. More studies and less enjoyment is certainly going to destroy your hardwork.

7. Seek expert advice when possible. There is no harm in asking for tips or tricks from students who have already appeared for IIT JEE or from the expert advice available online. It is always good to seek guidance because you never know what comes in handy during the exam time.

8. Most important among all is to prepare with mock tests or previous year question papers. There are so many mock tests available online. You can download them and prepare well for the exam. It is certain that to appear for such a competitive exam, you need to have knowledge about everything, so what can be more beneficial than previous year question papers?

9. Concentrate more on the important topics, especially the ones which carry more weightage in the exam.

10. If you really want to be quick in solving your problems, then make sure you remember the important formulae. This practice will reduce some extra effort while solving problems in the exam.

Finally, hope these tips help you prepare for JEE 2016. Try talking to people with knowledge; it will surely help you. Also, have a clear idea about your decision to go for IIT JEE because what if this is not what you really want to do? 

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