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How to Finish Your Exam on Time

Finishing the exam paper on time is really important as this way you attempt all the questions and also get the time to revise your paper. If you find it difficult to finish your exam on time, here are some tips that you should keep in mind while writing your paper.


Utilise the Fifteen Minutes Effectively:

You get the first fifteen minutes to read the question paper.  Make sure that you read the questions thoroughly and analyse the answers.


Start Instantly

After you have read the questions, do not waste time on scanning your paper anymore. Do not even wait to see your friend's reaction after receiving the paper.  Just concentrate on your paper and start answering the questions.


Answer the Questions which you know

The sensible way to solve a question paper is to first attempt the questions which you know. Do not waste time thinking about answers for the questions which you have no idea of. This way even if you run out of time, you will not have the fear of leaving a question for which you knew the answer.


Avoid Taking Breaks

It is advisable that you avoid taking breaks in the examination hall as this will save your time. Go to the washroom before you sit for an exam and bring your water bottle along with you.


Be Alert

Alertness is really important while writing the paper. Since you are attempting the questions that you know first, make sure that you put correct question numbers with your answers to avoid any confusion while checking. If you are not alert, you might have to correct certain things at the last moment, thus ruining your entire effort.


Maintain a Constant Speed

You might begin the paper in a slow pace thinking that there is lot of time left. Never do this, maintain a constant speed from the beginning and see the difference. You will definitely finish your paper on time and even land up with some time to revise.


Pratibha Yadav

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