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Food for Exams

While preparing for exams, you should pay attention to your diet. A good diet can also help you do well in your exams.


Fruits: Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest snacks. Fruits like apple, banana and avocadoes can help you to get the required energy during exams. Fruit salad is also a good option and can refresh you completely; moreover, the benefits of a variety of fruits come together in a fruit salad.


Vegetables: You should include plenty of vegetables in your diet. Eating cooked, raw or boiled vegetables are beneficial to health. Home-made vegetable soup can really serve as a great stress buster.


Fish: Whether you like fish or not, the fact remains that it is a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for the brain. Therefore, fish is also called as a brain food. For students who prefer a vegetarian diet, nuts can be consumed instead of fish.


Eggs: Eating eggs at breakfast can help you stay full for a longer time and thus cravings will not disturb you for some time and you can concentrate on your study. Egg is a great source of nutrition too.


Juices: Fresh fruit juices can help satisfy the hunger twinge in the middle of your preparations. Keep sipping your favourite juice while preparing for exams.


Dry fruits: Dry fruits like almonds are known for enhancing memory. You should eat almonds to retain what you have studied for the exams. Note: Eating almonds one day before the exams might not help much! It is advised that these nuts should be included in your daily diet plan.


Pratibha Yadav

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