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How Important are Manners?

Holistic Learning and Development

How Important are Manners?

A well-mannered person is always appreciated.

By Pratibha Yadav 05th Feb, 2015 12:24 pm

As a child, manners play an important role in your life. A well-mannered person is always appreciated. Here are some manners that will always keep in good books of your elders.

Remember to say thank you and sorry

Always remember to express your gratitude to people who have done something for you. Whenever you are offered help, please say, “Thank you.” A thank you will not make you small; instead, it will make the other person feel good. Similarly, if you have done something wrong, be quick to say sorry. It might not ease out their discomfort, but it will definitely sort out things.

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Greet your elders

Greeting your parents, teachers, neighbours, uncles and aunts will create a good impression of you.

Conversing with friends is different from conversing with elders. Importantly, if at any point of time, you are brought into a conversation with elders, do not interrupt them while they speak. Also, when elders are talking among themselves, saying, “Excuse me” is the most polite way to interrupt their conversation, particularly if in case of an emergency.

Do not back answer

Situations may arise where you get angry on your parents or teachers, but you must never back answer. Elders scold you for your betterment. Never back answer your parents or teachers. If you think you are right and your elders are wrong, resort to the politest way to prove that you are right. Back answering or shouting won’t help you but may cause your elders hurt.

Do not make fun of people

Making fun of your friends is a common thing in school. It is good if it is done with good intentions. Never insult your friends or make fun of their physical attributes or other weaknesses. Just imagine yourself in that situation and ask yourself, “Will I like it if somebody insults me like this?”

Listen to your elders: When an adult asks you for a favour, do it without grumbling and with a smile.

Say, “Please” for favours

When you want someone to do you a favour, say, “Please,” as this way you make a request rather than an order. People tend to respond better to requests and not orders.


It is the key to be cordial with people. Be polite to others but make sure that nobody takes your politeness for granted. 

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