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IIT JEE Preparations with NCERT Textbooks

We all know that preparing for IIT JEE is not an easy thing. One needs to work hard day and night to get the desired results. There are several books available in the market which can help you prepare for IIT JEE. However, one thing that IIT JEE aspirants usually ignore is the potential of NCERT textbooks. According to experts, comprehensive study of NCERT textbooks is important when it comes to IIT JEE preparations.

Here are some important points which highlight the importance of NCERT Solutions for its textbooks in the life of an IIT JEE aspirant.

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Basic Foundation

NCERT textbooks set the basic foundation for any student. Every concept is explained in detail with questions for self-assessment. So, your basics are well taken care of. To appear for IIT JEE, the basic foundation should be strong enough to understand difficult and twisted questions which are part of IIT JEE question papers.

Step-by-step Learning

The books have been designed in such a manner that it ensures step-by-step learning. Each book does not focus on the entire chapter at one go. It goes concept wise. Thus, it makes it easier for students to understand the basic concepts. After every concept, there are questions which help in the better understanding of the concept.

Better Understanding

After you are thorough with the basic questions, you can opt for the advanced IIT JEE books for your study. If you refer to NCERT textbooks and then move on to refer to advanced IIT JEE books, you will definitely understand better. In short, learning will be much easier for you.

NCERT Textbooks are Cost Effective

When compared to the other IIT JEE study materials, NCERT textbooks are cheaper. Thus, they become a cost-effective means of IIT JEE preparations. So, why not start with NCERT textbooks to begin with.

Questions Directly Picked from NCERT Textbooks

Many questions in IIT JEE papers are picked from NCERT textbooks. The questions are twisted and used in the papers. If you know the in and out of your books, then you can perform better in IIT JEE. Why take chances?

NCERT textbooks are not the only source for IIT JEE preparations. There are many other books available. However, you must refer to NCERT textbooks apart from other study materials for complete IIT JEE preparation.


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