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Friendship Day with Siblings

Friendship Day celebrates the close bond that we share with our friends, but the day is not just dedicated to friends; in fact, it celebrates every bond that defines friendship. Our bond with our siblings is unique but it defines friendship too. We fight with them, we hate them, we ignore them but ultimately we love them for always being there! Let’s take a look at how we can make Friendship Day special for our siblings.


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Fulfill their Long Pending Demands

If you are the eldest sibling, then you may relate to the fact that our younger siblings have a list of things that they keep demanding from us. What you can do is fulfill one of their long pending demands.


Go Down the Memory Lane

As we grow up, we get busy with ourselves and hardly interact with our siblings and cousins. Make this Friendship Day a day to rewind your memories. Just go down the memory lane and do everything that you and your siblings used to do together. It will definitely strengthen your bond with your siblings.


A Big Card with Childhood Photos

Buy a big card and stick childhood photos of you and your siblings. The nostalgia will surely do the trick.


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If you think no gift can impress your siblings, then you can simply buy some flowers and gift it to them. Flowers will at least set the spirit of Friendship Day.


Go Shopping

Another thing you can do is finance your sibling’s shopping. Your sibling will definitely love the idea. After all, who would not want to shop for free!


-Pratibha Yadav

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