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Friendship in Modern Times: Real or Virtual?


Friendship in Modern Times: Real or Virtual?

Is it real or virtual?

By Admin 01st Aug, 2014 03:57 pm

Can you imagine your world without Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Whatsapp? Well, the answer is quite obvious, right? Have you ever thought how your parents or grandparents made friends? The options for them were limited, but we must say, the friendships were concrete and different from the friendships in modern times.


Today, making friends is very easy thanks to social media but is that friendship really worth it?


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Social media and modern apps have made this world a smaller place; thus, connecting with friends has become easier than ever before. Social media and all modern technologies are phenomenal and have a great impact on us. They help us stay in touch with our childhood friends and find our long lost friends too, but the reality is that the connection is virtual and weak.


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Such is the scenario that today we do not even know half of our friends on our Facebook’s friend list! We are socially in touch with everyone but still alone. The entire meaning of friendship has changed and is now just limited to the virtual world. In addition, the craze is such that the magic of social media keeps us glued to computer screens and kills our free time to a large extent.


Social gatherings and meetings on special occasions are now a thing of past! In fact, they have now converted into group chats and video chats, but is that enough for a friendship to last forever? Do you really think virtual friendship can strengthen our bonds?


Well, meetings and social gatherings are really important. This Friendship Day, take some time out and meet your friends in person and not VIRTUALLY. Let’s celebrate the Modern Friendship in a traditional way, what say?


Pratibha Yadav

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