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Extended schooling to be implemented soon in government schools

Recently, the idea of introducing extended schooling in government schools had been suggested by UT Administrator, V P Badnore. The Directorate of School Education very seriously plans to implement this at the earliest.

Extended schooling is a scenario in which students stay back in school and teachers help them complete their homework. Students can also avail that time by using their school’s playground to play sports.

The Government Model School in Sector 45, Chandigarh has been shortlisted to execute the proposal. Students studying in classes 6, 7 and 8 will be the first ones to have extended schooling.

Meetings have begun between various senior officials and school principals to discuss the idea.

While a few parents and teachers feel that extended schooling will not allow students to relax after school hours, the move may prove beneficial for working parents.

The proposal will be rolled out in phases by the administration. Extended schooling will commence with one or two schools and gradually may increase the number of schools falling under it.

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