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Essay on My Village


Essay on My Village

This blog focuses on various ways of writing my village essay in English for students of all grades. Let’s look at a few ways you can write my village essay.

By Topperlearning Expert 24th Aug, 2022 11:07 am

My Village Essay in 10 Lines (100 Words)

This section shows the primary way of writing my village essay. This section will help the students studying in classes 1-3 to write my village essay in English.

My Village Essay:

My village is a beautiful place I like to visit during my holidays. The name of my village is Pingla. It is located in the Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal. My village is very famous for its beautiful Patta Chitras. It is home to around 255 Patuas, who are Patta Chitra painters. The Patuas in my village are very talented. The Patuas make wonderful Patta Chitras. They also make many different products, such as cloth in the Patta Chitra style. My village also has a folk art centre where you can find many different scrolls painted in the Patta Chitra style. I look forward to visiting my village every time during the holidays.

My Village Essay in 250 Words

This section shows a different way of writing my village essay. This is the most suitable for students studying in classes 5-7 to write my village essay in English.

My Village Essay:

Like most of India’s population, I also belong to a village in the interior of West Bengal. I come from a quaint village called Natungram. It is located in the Burdwan district of West Bengal.

Natungram is a beautiful village composed of vibrant people who take up wooden doll making as their profession. The people in my village are known as Sutradhars. It is another name for artisans who make vibrant wooden dolls as a living. The Annual Wooden Dolls Fair is hosted in my village, Natungram. The fair is generally held in January. During this time, many people, including foreigners, visit the beautiful fair in my village.

Natungram is located 144 km in the North of Kolkata. It is located near the railway station of Agradwip on the Howrah-Katwa train line. The unique features of Natungram include the incredible variety of wooden dolls available in the village. Each and every wooden doll has a beauty of its own. Men carve the dolls out of the wood while the women paint on the dolls. The Sutradhars make many types of dolls. The children also assist their parents in making and painting these dolls.

There are also many noteworthy places near Natungram. The well-known temple town of Kalna is just 31 kms away from Natungram. It can be easily visited via road. Chupir Char is also a quaint place near Natungram. It is well-known for an oxbow lake, which was created by the river Ganga. This is also an excellent place for bird watching.

My Village Essay in English for Class 10 Students

This section shows how a Class 10 student should ideally write my village essay. Class 10 students might also be expected to write a general essay on villages. For Class 10 students, my village essay can also be written as our village essay to provide a general analysis of Indian villages and village lifestyles. 

My Village Essay:

A village constitutes the rural part of a country. A village is a settlement that is made up of around 5000 habitable areas where people live. A village is a crucial part of India and forms the grassroots of traditional India. More than 50% of India’s population still lives in villages.

Villages usually form the agricultural unit of India’s economy. The village is considered the primary sector. The primary occupation of villagers is agriculture and farming. The farmers toil daily to provide food and commercial crops for the nation and its people.

Villages are usually portrayed as quaint settlements in the countryside. The structure of village houses is similar - stone or brick homes with thatched or tiled roofs. With advancements, villages have grown to look much different from what is usually portrayed by artisans.

Villages are an essential part of India. It functions as the backbone of the Indian economy, making up the primary sector of India. It plays a significant role in sustaining the ecological balance of the environment as it is rich in flora and fauna. Without our villages, India wouldn’t function as she does.

As beautiful as other Indian villages, my village is a significant part of India. The vibrant village life with its fascinating flora and fauna make villages worth appreciating. Villages are established quite a distance away from the hustle and bustle of urban metropolitan cities. In our villages, there is hardly any pollution, which allows the villagers to live a healthy and refreshing life. 

To conclude, I can proudly say that my village, along with other Indian villages, forms the backbone of the Indian economy. The existence of our villages is essential to India and her people. The simplicity and rejuvenating allure of Indian villages will remain a vital part of India. 

Follow the above mentioned points and refer o the samples to learn how to write a good my village essay in English for the exams.

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