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Noise Pollution Essay Samples To Get Good Marks


Noise Pollution Essay Samples To Get Good Marks

Do you want to prepare an essay on noise pollution in 150 words or more? If yes, we'll give you some information on noise pollution and samples from which you can study and prepare for the test to get good marks in the noise pollution essay section.

By Topperlearning Expert 24th Aug, 2022 12:06 pm

The following segment provides a comprehensive idea of noise pollution.

What Is Noise Pollution?

For writing an essay on noise pollution, you need to begin by explaining its meaning and definition.

Noise pollution is a version of environmental pollution. In contrast to water and land pollution, it harms the ecosystem in numerous ways. Humans, animals, and marine life are all negatively impacted by the elevated sound levels of transportation, machinery, and propagation systems.

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), 8 hours of consistent noise can be dangerous. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the sound levels in our surroundings to keep ourselves safe from sleep disturbances, hearing loss, dementia, psychological dysfunctions and other effects of sound pollution.

What Causes Noise Pollution?

A sound pollution essay is incomplete without writing the causes of sound pollution. After defining what noise pollution is, you must write what leads to noise pollution. 

While atmospheric pollution is the main reason, there are many other reasons behind noise pollution. As per WHO, noise exceeding 75dB leads to sound pollution. The following are the situations that lead to more noise than 75dB.

●       An aircraft generates 130dB noise. Although not many aircraft fly simultaneously, the intensity is similar to that of cars. This factor results in noise pollution in urban cities.

●       The cars have an internal combustion engine that produces noise vibrations during engine compression and expansion. Since electronic vehicles are the future of transport, it is essential to take measures to reduce the sound pollution from these vehicles.

●       The sound from compressors, generators, fans, and mills also contributes to noise pollution.

●       The sound from loudspeakers, fireworks and firecrackers also leads to sound pollution.

●       Sounds from open-space offices are another reason for noise pollution.

●       Bars, restaurants, and night parties can produce more than 100dB of noise and create pollution.

●       Unnecessary honking of the cars can also lead to noise pollution. 

What Is The Impact Of Noise Pollution?

Now that you know the causes of noise pollution, let's understand its impacts on individuals, wildlife, and marine life to include in the sound pollution essay. This point is vital in an essay on noise pollution 150 words or in an essay with less word count to add weightage to the content and effectively cover the topic.

●       Effect of noise pollution on individuals

If there is excessive noise pollution, it can cause the following:

  1. Hearing loss: The eardrums can get damaged, resulting in deafness.
  2. Physical Issues: Heart attack, colitis, respiratory agitation, high blood pressure, and racing pulse can occur.
  3. Psychological Issues: Sound pollution can influence fatigue, anxiety, depression, hysteria, and sleep disturbance.
  4. Cognitive Issues and Behavioural Changes: Humans and animals can show low performance. People might get excessive headaches from consistent noise.
  5. Sleeping Disorder: Noise pollution can disrupt the sleeping pattern.
  6. Communication Problem: People might face emotional imbalance during a conversation.

●       Effect of noise pollution on wildlife

The sound of the crackers and industrial and transport noise affects the land animals and birds. According to the National Park Service (NPS), noise pollution seriously affects the wildlife's breeding cycles and the extinction of the species. 

●       Effect of noise pollution on marine life

In ancient times, the oceans were quiet. But now, the scenario has changed. Sonars, oil drills, coastal recreational watercraft, seismic survey devices and shipping vessels lead to water and sound pollution. The most affected species is the whale. The sound pollution affects the whales' reproductive patterns, migration routes, and feeding habits, and they even die at excessive sound levels.

How To Reduce Noise Pollution - Essay

If the teacher asks you to write the measures for noise pollution or how to reduce noise pollution essay, you can include the following section in your composition.

While there is no way to eliminate noise pollution, you can implement a few effective strategies to reduce it.

●       Switch off the games, television and computers to reduce noise.

●       Lower the volume while listening to music or watching movies.

●       Wear earplugs in areas where there is excessive noise.

●       Try to avoid airports and industries as the noise emission is expected to be higher in these places.

●       Try to plant more trees in the garden area. A recent study has proven that trees reduce 5 to 10dB of noise.

●       Since movable parts in the car contribute to noise, lubricate your car sufficiently, so it does not create friction sound.

●       Inform the government agencies if your area's noise levels are not controlled.

●       While at home, close the windows and doors to reduce the noise.

●       Do not burst crackers during the festivals.

●       Stay away from parties or events.

●       Try to use fewer horns while driving your vehicle.

●       Train your pet to make less noise in the house.

Noise Pollution Essay Samples (100-250 Words)

We have samples to help you form an essay on noise pollution based on the above information. You can refer to the examples to create a new article and write it on the examination paper to get good marks.

Write An Essay On Noise Pollution - 100 Words

If you need to write a noise pollution essay in 100 words, you can construct it in the following manner.

Noise pollution is a type of atmospheric pollution. Noise pollution occurs when undesired sounds annoy the hearing and leave them with an unpleasant sensation. Transportation, factories, commercial locations, celebrations, and gatherings are the sources of noise pollution. All these sources create an unsettling noise that causes tinnitus, sleep disturbances, deafness, and other physical, mental, and emotional problems. If not controlled, it can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, it is hazardous to living things and can impact their behaviour patterns and reproductive cycles and even result in death. Therefore, citizens must take proactive steps to minimise noise and maintain a secure and tranquil atmosphere.

Write An Essay On Noise Pollution - 150 Words

If the teacher asks you to compose a noise pollution essay in 150 words, you can write in the similar pattern stated.

Noise pollution is one of the most commonly occurring pollutions in urban society. Although it is common in rural locations, the problem is worse in metropolitan areas because more vehicles, industries, and parties are present here. A key contributing factor to the issue is the population's rapid growth. Unchecked noise pollution can cause people to have high blood pressure, lose their hearing, have cardiovascular problems, have trouble sleeping, develop dementia, and have psychological issues. It can make it difficult for marine life and wildlife to navigate, mate, obtain food, and engage in normal feeding behaviours.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that industries must attempt to minimise sound production by 75 dB to avoid harming the health of living things. The government should try to restrict the noise levels to lessen the damaging effects of sound pollution. To minimise pollution, each resident must try to calm the surrounding noise.

 Write Noise Pollution Essay In English - 200 Words

You can refer to the following article for a noise pollution essay in English in 200 words.

Noise pollution occurs when excessive and unpleasing sound generates from multiple sources and provides discomfort to the eardrum. Like water and air pollution, noise pollution also threatens the environment. While 65dB is considered noise, 75dB can be painful to the eardrums. Therefore, it is crucial to control the noise from transport and machines to prevent it from affecting the ears.

Due to the increasing global industrialisation and urbanisation, the use of machinery has increased. The sound from the machinery has resulted in excessive sound pollution. According to recent World Health Organisation (WHO) data, noise pollution contributes to 12,000 premature deaths and 48,000 ischaemic heart diseases. Besides, 6.5 million people suffer from sleeping disorders, and 22 million suffer from chronic high annoyance. This data shows that noise pollution greatly impacts our hearing ability and other associated health issues. Besides humans, noise pollution affects the wildlife's breeding cycle and behavioural patterns. The authority must take proper preventive measures to reduce the impact of sound on the environment and create a safe atmosphere for survival.

Citizens can plant trees in their surroundings, listen to music, watch television with less volume and wear earplugs if there is loud noise. Apart from implementing these strategies, the citizens must inform the Government of India about the noise's elevated levels to keep it under control.  

10 Important Lines To Form A Noise Pollution Essay

Forming a noise pollution essay in English is not difficult. All you need to know is the causes, effects, and preventive measures in detail to create a good noise pollution essay in the examination. For your assistance, here are ten important lines you can memorise to form an excellent noise pollution essay without missing any key information. Here's a summary of information and facts on noise pollution.  

●       Firecrackers contribute largely to sound pollution during the festivities.

●       Good urban planning is essential to reduce pollution.

●       The sound in a locality should be below 85dB, or it can result in hearing loss.

●       The noise pollution can increase if there is needless honking from the cars.

●       Animals can show behavioural change due to elevated sound levels.

●       Mills, compressors, and generators are the primary factors of noise pollution.

●       Following the government's rules and establishing silent zones can reduce sound pollution.

●       Last Wednesday of April is considered International Noise Awareness Day.

●       Noise pollution causes cardiovascular diseases, hearing impairment, lack of sleep, hypertension, fatigue, and increased stress.

●       Planting more trees can absorb more noise.


We hope the samples help you frame the best noise pollution essay in the examination and get the best scores in the class. So, without delay, study the references stated above. Frame the article on noise pollution essay in English in your own words to please the examiner with your article. 

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