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Essay On Teacher's Day Celebration In English


Essay On Teacher's Day Celebration In English

In this article, students will learn different ways of writing a Teacher's day essay in English.

By Topperlearning Expert 24th Aug, 2022 10:16 am

Every year students celebrate Teacher's day on 5th September throughout our country. All the students of schools and colleges conduct festive programs for the entertainment of teachers. Students also give speeches to thank their teachers for being their best guides. Teachers get an off from their routine duties on this day and enjoy all the programs organised by the students.

During the academic years, students get the questions for writing an essay on Teacher's day. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the appropriate way to structure an essay. In this article, students will learn different ways of writing a Teacher's day essay in English.

Essay on Teacher's Day: Reason for Celebration

Teacher's day is observed on different dates around the world. In India, it is celebrated on the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a great teacher and philosopher who was born in Andhra Pradesh. He was also the second President of independent India.

When Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was India's President, his students requested him that they want to celebrate their birthday. To this, he replied that he would feel privileged if they observed his birthday as Teacher's day. Since then, the 5th of September has been celebrated as Teacher's day. Therefore, to write an excellent Teacher's day celebration essay, it is important to know the origin of this auspicious day.

Sample 1: Essay on Teacher's Day

Students of lower classes need to write a short essay on Teacher's day. This essay covers nearly 250 words. Moreover, to draft a powerful write-up, students need to have proper knowledge of the structure of an essay. Here is an example of writing a short essay on Teacher's day.


Teacher's day marks one of the most awaited days for teachers and students. It is a day when students show gratitude to teachers for all the hard work and time they dedicate to teaching their students. Moreover, it is on this day when teachers can take a day off from their regular hectic schedule and enjoy the functions in the school and colleges.

A Day to Appreciate Your Teachers

Teachers are the best guide to students. They sacrifice in multiple ways to provide a better future for their students. Therefore, all the students need to appreciate their teachers and show gratitude by writing a Teacher's day essay in English. Some students also present entertaining stage shows to entertain their teachers.

All the schools and colleges observe this day in different ways. Impersonating the teachers is one of the most common ways of celebrating this day. Students of higher classes dress up like teachers and present a short act where they teach a class by mimicking their teachers. 

Presentation of such skits is highly appreciated and enjoyed by both teachers and students. Some students also present classical and contemporary dance and songs. On the other hand, some students give a speech to thank their teachers. For giving a flawless speech, students first need to write a Teacher's day essay in English and memorize it before appearing on the stage. 

Conclusion of Essay on Teacher's Day

There are multiple ways of celebrating Teacher's day. Generally, in schools, the students from higher classes are responsible for conducting the program Teacher's day. Although it is one special day for celebrating the efforts of teachers, students must take proper care of showing respect to teachers throughout the year.

Sample 2: Essay on Teacher's Day 500 Words

The following example demonstrates an example of writing a long essay for Teacher’s day.

Essay on Teacher's Day: Introduction

In India, Teachers' day is commemorated every year on the 5th of September. It was the day when our second President, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, was born. He was highly respected by his students. When his students requested to celebrate his birthday, he asked them to celebrate it as Teacher's day and show gratitude to all the teachers of the country. Therefore, this day is observed as National Teacher's day.

Essay on Teacher's Day: Importance of This Day

Teacher's day is an essential day for teachers and students because of the following reasons:

1. Teachers work tirelessly with full honesty to nurture the future of their students. They remain updated with all the minute changes made to the academic standards to provide the best education to their fellow students. Moreover, they watch over their students to help them adopt a healthy and positive attitude towards fighting all the odds in their lives beyond books.

2. Teacher's day is one occasion where students get the opportunity to show gratitude to their teachers. Students follow different ways of showing gratitude for all the hard work their teachers put into guiding them to a bright future.

3. Teacher's day celebration essay is one way of strengthening the bond between the teachers and students. The heartfelt appreciation students show to their teachers helps enhance the bond between them. Moreover, students dress up like their Teachers and present an act to entertain everyone.

Essay on Teacher's Day: Different Ways to Celebrate

Teacher's day is observed as an off day in most educational institutions in India. Following are some ways of celebrating this day:

●       Stage performances like dance, poem recitation, and singing songs are some fun and entertaining activities that students present to their teachers. During these performances, some teachers are requested to join the participants on stage.

●       Impersonating teachers is another way of celebrating this day. Students dress up like their favourite teachers and present a skit where they mimic their Teacher's way of teaching. This is an excellent way to alleviate the mood of people watching the show. At the end of the program, the best performer gets a prize for the performance.

●       Presenting a comedy play is also one of the most preferred ways of celebrating Teacher's day. Some plays are so well written and presented that they give a distinct recognition to the participants.

●     Some students even choose to thank their teacher by giving speeches. For this, the participants practise rigorously after writing an essay on Teacher's day.

Conclusion For Essay Report on Teacher's Day Celebration

Teachers play an essential part in the development of students and the nation. Therefore, it is necessary to observe a day to appreciate the efforts of teachers. Moreover, a celebration of Teacher's day is crucial in the lives of students and teachers because it helps in building a friendly relationship between them. Teachers also feel privileged when their students dedicate a day to appreciate their efforts. The duties of teachers require immense dedication; therefore, it is important to recognise their efforts to build a prosperous society.

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